Coffee Company

Marsh Harbor Studio Coffee Co.

Create jewelry derived from your imagination. Engage in life-enriching classes. Travel the world inside a cup of mind-numbing coffee.

Before our studio became a reality, we knew that we wanted to create an environment that appealed to all of the senses.

When you enter our studio, your eyes are overwhelmed with a plethora of colors, your ears are filled with the sounds of fabrication and conversation, and the smell of fresh brewed coffee gently grabs at your nostrils and draws you in further.

Just like making jewelry, brewing coffee and espresso is an art and a science all of its own, and we find that the two art forms complement each other brilliantly. We work just as hard to bring you quality jewelry supplies and materials as we do to provide your taste buds with quality coffee. Our coffees are "fair trade certified" and organic, meaning that the farmers who produce such coffees are compensated with fair wages for their labor, allowing them to not only support their communities and families, but also, use environmentally sustainable practices and make the effort to ensure that the beans are untainted and of highest quality. Our coffee is roasted especially for us upon order and sent to us the very next day, where our knowledgeable baristas brew it fresh for you daily.

Now Brewing

Larry's Beans
Holiday Blend!


"Solid medium body with unmistakable spice. It's distinct, it's different, and it's unforgettable. People have been known to hoard this blend, so guzzle it while it lasts."

Basically, It's awesome, hot, and it's cold outside… so, come grab ya a cup!

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